Monday, July 23, 2012

Tamarindo Foundation

It's been a while since my last post, but I think it’s time I get back on the cyber saddle and write one... This one isn't about me, but a man making a difference in the world. 

These past few days I have been given the opportunity to meet John Guiliano, founder of the Tamarindo Foundation. This foundation has been changing the lives of children and families in El Salvador for twenty years. As a result of the twelve-year civil war in El Salvador (1980-1992) that destroyed much of the country, John began working with the people of the town of Guarjila in Chalatenango province near the Honduran border to help recover and bury their dead. John’s work with the people of Guarjila expanded to working with the children – the children are the future, and the Tamarindo Foundation followed.

Through the hard work of John and many others, the Tamarindo Foundation has expanded to help many families excel through social and economic opportunity. The foundation has provided a safe haven for the children to grow, play, and learn. It has provided employment, education and healthcare for the residents. The Tamarindo Foundation has opened new doors to many in El Salvador and opened the eyes of one, me. These past few days I have come to understand more about John's mission and I have witnessed how one man’s goals can open the future wide to opportunity to people who not only need it, but also deserve it.  

Johns mission is not a stationary one - it is motivated by two wheels that not only collect miles, but more importantly, collect hope. Starting August 5th John will begin a three month long journey crossing the United States from Boston to San Francisco to raise awareness and funds for the Tamarindos. His Give Kids A Chance journey consists of a 5,142 mile bike ride for the children of El Salvador. 

While you read this post (hopefully many of you will), I want you to think about everything that you have right now. I know economic times are hard right now; my family is living proof of making sacrifices to make ends meet. I’d like you to look in your closets, in you dressers, in your jewelry cases, at everything that is around your house. If you look you will see so much, a lot of which are probably clothes you don't wear, books you've never read, toys your kids don't play with. We are very fortunate. I'm proposing that while you look at all of the stuff that you have and while you’re thinking of the purchases that you want to make, you re-think and you donate instead. 

I’m asking that you make a minimum donation of $10. Everyone I know, including my college student friends, has $10 in discretionary income. I'm asking that you help John and his team raise awareness for children that will allow them to prosper in El Salvador. We live in a world where giving back is so necessary in order to help others have the bright futures we all have. Please, show John and his team the support they deserve, and help them create the difference in the world we all wish to see. 

I’ve provided links through this post to John’s blog, the bike tour and the Tamarindo Foundation. Please take five or ten minutes and check out what he is all about and the difference he is making. One person can make a difference, and pay it forward. One person can influence another, and influence another, and so on - the way John has influenced me. I hope I have influenced all of you to donate and raise awareness. I ask that each of you please share my facebook status as your status to direct people here to read about John and the Tamarindos and to make a donation to the cause:

Life is a blessing. 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 There are three things that I thought I should have together at the ripe age of 21; being in love, graduating with a bachelors degree, and having a great job lined up. Well, all three of those statements slapped me in the face all at once, because its not happening anytime soon. Today... is the day I realized that's not what it's about and that's why today is going to be my first post. 

 This past year my mother has been trying to get me to blog to open my world up, to find out what I'm intrigued most by. Every time she said I should blog I brushed it of and said I had plenty of better things to do. Actually, it's not that I had better things to do, I just had too much to do. So, while I take a break from studying for a Political Science exam I have on Friday I thought, "maybe I will write a post since today I nearly had a hysterical break down." Yeah, I did have somewhat of a break down...

 Ever since I returned home after my freshman year of college my life has been one big gust of wind that has knocked me on my ass repeatedly. I have changed majors three or four times, have had three different jobs, and have not successfully made new friends at the college I go to. All of this has been weighing me down and I'm finally realizing that I have a long time to go before I have to have it all figured out. So, right now I need to take all opportunities I'm given and use them to find the path I'm to follow up the mountain I'm climbing. 

 My mom always tells me she is almost fifty and still doesn't have it figured out. Normally I mumble under my breath and say, "good for you", but no longer. I'm going to take this cyber world by the keys and see if it can help me figure out what it is I want to be doing. I have always been into the arts, I create jewelry, draw a little, paint a little, work with stained glass a little, and will be starting my first acting class at the end of April (super excited about that). I should also add that I do a little baking. I'm hoping that by updating at least once a week it will help me get out what is really going on in my head and it will help me get to where I need to be.

 I have a long road ahead of me, but today during my little breakdown when I was feeling disappointed with myself I knew that I can't continue to feel disappointed, I need to feel confident. So I guess as I end this first post I will do it with a little song lyric by Lucy Schwartz... 

"Wake up it's a beautiful day
A bit early but i like it that way
You start looking and it falls into place
So here I am
Slow down we keep moving too fast
Live now before the moment has past you by"